Practice Charter

Your Doctor’s Responsibilities

To treat you with respect and courtesy at all times.

To treat you as an individual, and to discuss with you the care and treatment we can provide.

To give you full information on the services we offer.

To give you the most appropriate care by suitably qualified staff.

To provide you with emergency care when you need it.

To refer you to a consultant acceptable to you when necessary.

To give you access to your health records, subject to any limitations in the law.

Your Responsibilities As A Patient

To treat all staff with respect and courtesy at all times.

To tell us if you are unsure about the treatment we are offering you.

To ask for a home visit only when the patient is unable to attend the medical centre through illness or infirmity.

To request such a visit if at all possible before 10.00am.

To ask for an out-of-hours visit only when necessary.

To keep your appointments and contact the practice in advance if you cannot.

To be punctual for appointments, and to make a separate appointment for each member of the family wishing to see the doctor.

Not to expect a prescription from every consultation with a doctor. There may be other options for treatment.

To take medicines according to the instructions and to only ask for a repeat prescription if you really need one.

To let us know when you change your address or telephone number.

Help Us To Help You

Our aim is to offer our patients a fast, efficient and friendly service. However, to enable us to do this we require some help from yourselves.

Please do not request home visits unless you are housebound or genuinely too ill to attend the surgery.

If you have several problems you wish to discuss with the doctor, please ask for a longer appointment. Hurried consultations are unsatisfactory for both doctor and patient alike

The out-of-hours service is for emergencies and urgent problems which cannot wait until the following day to be seen. Please do not abuse this service.

If you are unable to attend an appointment, please cancel as early as possible, as this frees the appointment for someone else.

We always welcome suggestions as to any changes we can make to improve patient care and the services we offer. If you have any suggestions, please let us know by putting your idea in writing to the practice manager.

Comments and Suggestions

We are happy to accept and consider comments and suggestions from our patients. Please present your views in writing at reception.

Complaints Procedure

Please find below a link to our complaints procedure leaflet.

CMP Complaints Leaflet


We ask you for information so that you can receive proper care and treatment.

We keep this information, together with details of your care, because it may be needed if we see you again.

Sometimes the law requires us to pass on information; for example, to notify a birth.

The NHS Central Register for England and Wales contains basic personal details of all patients registered with a general practitioner. The Register does not contain clinical information. You have a right to apply for access of your health records.

Everyone working for the NHS has a legal duty to keep information about you confidential

You may be receiving care from other people as well as the NHS. So that we can all work together for your benefit, we may need to share some information about you.

We only use or pass on information about you if there is a clear and genuine need for it. Whenever we can we shall remove details which identify you.

Anyone who receives information from us is also under a legal duty to keep it confidential.

If you agree, your relatives, friends and carers will be kept up to date with the progress of your treatment.

The main reasons for which your information may be needed are:

  • To give you health care and treatment
  • Looking after the health of the general public
  • Managing and planning the NHS. For example:-
  • Making sure that our services can meet patient needs in the future.
  • Paying your doctor, nurse, dentist or other staff, and the hospital which treats you for the care they provide.
  • Auditing accounts.
  • Preparing statistics on NHS performance and activity (where steps will be taken to make sure you cannot be identified).
  • Investigating complaints or legal claims.
  • Helping staff to review the care they provide to make sure it is of the highest standard.
  • Training and educating staff (though you can choose whether or not to be involved personally).
  • Research approved by the Local Research Ethics Committee. (If anything to do with the research would involve you personally, you will be contacted to see if you are willing.)
  • Your information will also, subject to strict conditions describing how it will be used, be shared with third party service providers contracted to support the practice plan for delivering and/or improving the quality of the healthcare you receive.

If at any time you would like to know more about how we use your information, you can speak to the person in charge of your care or to the practice manager.

Freedom Of Information

The Freedom of Information Act 2000 obliges the practice to produce a Publication Scheme. A Publication Scheme is a guide to the ‘classes’ of information the practice intends to routinely make available. This scheme is available from reception.

Safeguarding Children

Staff at Shrub End Surgery take safeguarding children very seriously. Safeguarding training is undertaken by all staff and child protection issues are regularly discussed. If you have any concerns regarding child protection matters, please contact the surgery.

Zero Tolerance

The practice supports the NHS policy of zero tolerance with regard to violence or abuse directed towards the doctors, staff or others on the practice premises or other locations where treatment may take place. Persons abusing this policy may be reported to the police and removed from the practice list.

In extreme cases we may summon the police to remove offenders from the practice premises.

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